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Our growing collection of research papers and publications :

decay-heat-coverFukushima Daiichi Decay Heat & Corium Status Report – NEW Fukushima Daiichi Unit 2 Report 2015 
German Fukushima Facts Brochure



Reactor Vessel Support Skirt Concerns By Dean Wilkie

Fukushima Daiichi BWR Reactor Spray And Feed Water Systems; Evaluation For Early Failure By Dean Wilkie

Radiation Makes People Invisible By Dr. Robert Jacobs
Available in Japanese here: Corium Research Experiment Results (a series of hands on experiments)

Low Level Radiation Exposure LNT Model, An Explanation By Dean Wilkie

Fukushima Unit 4 Spent Fuel Won’t Melt if Spent Fuel Pool Drains  By Dean Wilkie

Rokkasho Nuclear Reprocessing Facility Japan – Research Article

Gamma Radiation Damage To Fukushima Units 1- 4 Spent Fuel Pools By Dean Wilkie

Paper: Causes Of Unit 4 Explosion Revisited by the SimplyInfo research team

Spent Fuel Pools; How They Impact Fukushima Daiichi By Dean Wilkie:

Spent Fuel Pools At Fukushima; Follow On Report – Corrosion By Dean Wilkie: Paper: Corrosion At Fukushima Daiichi Explained

Lifting Fuel Elements Out Of The Fukushima Daiichi Spent Fuel Pools By Dean Wilkie Paper: Fukushima Health Survey Occupies Medical & Legal Conundrum

Hanford To Fukushima 4 Part Series review of MIT 5 week mouse radiation study: 

Ian Goddard’s video of the MIT mouse study

Peter Melzer ( member) response to MIT Mouse Survey in Environmental Health Perspectives

Fukushima Ten Essays By Peter Melzer
e-book on

Book Review of Strong In The Rain by Nancy Allen

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